Congratulations to the CUE £1K winners 2014-2015!

Congratulations to our winners and finalists (runner-ups) for the £1K competition! Read on for a brief outline of the best ideas. You can check the public summaries here.

In no particular order…


Technology & Life Sciences Winners


Coventry Cardiology (Paul De Sciscio, Jacob Brubert, Ingrid Wong, Romilde Kotze)

A minimally invasive alternative to open heart surgery for patients with valvular heart disease.

Sinclair Fire (James Popper, Chris Goodfellow)

Sinclair Fire develops and manufactures products leveraging its unique portfolio of fire detection and response intellectual property.

MOFs i-Teams (Dr. David Fairen-Jimenez, T. Tian, Andrew Marsden, Thomas Fry, Dr. Claudia Percivalle)

Our patented technology enables the manufacture of MOFs (metal-organic frameworks) as large pellets without the need for binder or pressure.

Tricel (Mihaela-Andreea Voicescu, Edward Tan, Chikai Lai)

Tricel is creating a platform technology based on cancer stem cells that can add value to preclinical cancer research.


Technology & Life Sciences Runner-ups

FlexSolar (Reza Saberi Moghaddam, Mojtaba Abdi-Jalebi, Sir Richard Friend, Ehsan Abdi)

FlexSolar has developed a flexible organic solar cell technology based on materials synthesis, which promises substantial cost reduction through enabling low-temperature fabrication techniques and roll-to-roll processing for high volume manufacturing.

Congentis (Tim Xu, Ce Zhang, Kent Werner, Maha Almalki, Christopher Burch, Benoit Renvoise)

Cogentis Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to develop and commercialize an innovative therapeutic breakthrough for Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders in order to improve patients’ quality of life and reduce the burden of disease on their families, providers, and the overall healthcare system.

Jessica Toh

Our new technology combines non-contact sensors, cloud analytics, and a mobile app to determine age-appropriate and customised ways to improve a child’s sleep and therefore overall wellbeing.

UroLogic (Nawar Al-Zebari, Igor Romanov, Ismael Moreno-Gomez)

We introduce a novel urinary catheter from smart materials that will reduce the number of urinary-tract infections.


Social Enterprise Winners


Paramis (Phil Grayeski, Kayla Miele, Edward Tan, George Grillo)

Paramis will develop a novel filtration to process acidic whey, a by-product and environmental pollutant, from the Greek Yogurt industry.

Aripo (Tandadzo Matanda)

Aripo Neonatal Care is a social enterprise, which aims to drastically change neonatal care in Sub-Sahara Africa and around the globe through the use of specially designing bio-fuelled incubator units, and hands on training and education on neonatal best practice.

Madanyu (Maximilian Bock, Aftab Jalia)

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise facilitating computer literacy for children in the developing world.


Social Enterprise Runner-ups


Fruitannia (Vanessa Stefanak)

Fruitannia is a social enterprise concept intended to benefit both the local community and a national children’s’ charity fighting hunger (Magic Breakfast).

Ultrasafe Ultrasound (Sonya Davey, Abhishek Biswas, Samir Devalaraja, Haris Godil, Neil Davey, Otilia Strecu)

Ultrasafe Ultrasound has created a technology that blurs the genital organ of a fetus on a live ultrasound machine, thus preventing doctors from determining the sex of the fetus.

The Whistle (Ella McPherson, Scott Limbrick)

Journalists and human rights defenders are faced with a large flow of information purporting to shed light on violations. The Whistle’s digital platform will support verification of information by assisting citizen witnesses to supplement their digital reports of violations with corroborating information (for example, metadata).


Software Stream Winners

Sponsoo (Andreas Kitzing, Béla Julian Anda, Christian Kaspar, Konstantin Möllers, Tobias Tilly)

Sponsoo is a data-driven online marketplace that connects athletes or sport teams with sponsors. Our goal is to make sponsorship transparent and easily available for everyone.

DateSafe (David Purcell)

DateSafe is quick tool that gives the user confidence that the person they are due to meet is the person they say they are. Searching only on the mobile number they have given you we verify their name, age, marital status, and provide you with a selection of pictures. This is all done in a legal non-intrusive manner and leaves no footprint.

Silent Concert (Marco Fiocco)

Wouldn’t be cool to have the option to go to concerts with your favourite headphones and listen to a high-quality audio stream directly from the mixer board?


Software Stream Runner-ups


Slick Stream  (Ashley Scillitoe, Carlo Quaglia, Musabbir Abdul Majeed)

SlickStream will allow you to virtually build or upgrade a bike, then keeps track of maintenance by looking at your cycling data, and suggests when components need replacing or upgrading.


Last Mile Technologies (Alan Nichol, Alexander Weidauer)

treev is the fastest way to access all your work in the cloud, keeping you focused.