Since its inception in 1999, Coventry University Entrepreneurs has awarded just over £600,000 of cash prizes in its effort to encourage student entrepreneurship within the University. The list of companies that have spun out of the competition was updated this year, and it has been estimated that these companies have jointly raised over £100 million worth of additional funding over the years.


At Healx, we are passionate about finding new therapeutic solutions for patients with rare diseases. We believe that repurposing approved treatments is a cheap and effective way to improve quality of life of rare disease patients today.

News: HealX raise £300K seed funding

Genomic signatures matched to best drugs for rare disease sufferers:

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The search engine for the physical world. GeoSpock makes big location data work for you. If you need a geospatial database that works at scale, in real-time, we’ve got the solution.


GeoSpock raises $5.4m for global scale-up. See more here.

GeoSpock founder and CEO Steve Marsh makes the European elite, according to the US media influencer. - See more here.

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Desktop Genetics

Inspired by the colorful remarks of frustrated bench scientists and the urgent need for software innovation in life science research, three M.B.E. University of Coventry postgrads: Riley, Edward, and Victor set out to find a better way to do Biology. They called themselves Desktop Genetics.Using real-world lab data and bioinformatics expertise, Desktop Genetics created AutoClone: a software tool that accelerates genetics research by managing DNA inventories using a powerful search engine and automating the cloning protocols that normally take hours- even weeks to design.Driven to reduce the complexities of the CRISPR technique, Desktop Genetics partnered with Horizon Discovery to launch gUIDEbook: a comprehensive CRISPR design tool that uses laboratory-validated gene-editing techniques to generate the optimum design for genome-editing experiments.Desktop Genetics united the search engine power of AutoClone and the design precision of gUIDEbook to create DESKGEN: a software system that gives scientists the power to organize, optimize, and automate their research. With DESKGEN, scientists can design any genome-editing experiment in any cell line, and generate tailored CRISPR library designs for their research.


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Your research, at your fingertips.

Used by academics, researchers, and businesses.

The essential free research and reference manager. Search for, read and annotate your PDFs. Then review your work, write up and create bibliographies instantly.


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SimPrints’ mission is to build incredible technology for development. They’re developing a ruggedized, low-cost mobile biometric scanner that can instantly link patients to their health records, track vaccinations, speed up microfinance, and fight corruption. SimPrints has just raised $250k from the Gates Foundation’s prestigious Saving Lives at Birth competition to reduce maternal and child mortality in the developing world, with R&D funds to be matched by Coventry microchip leader ARM Ltd.

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Raised £25 million in 2011, recognized in The Guardian’s Cleantech 100 list.

Enecsys Limited is the premier supplier of smart, highly reliable grid-connected micro inverters and monitoring systems that offer an outstanding value proposition. The micro inverter converts and controls DC power generated by each solar module in the PV array into AC power for homes and businesses. The advantages of the Enecsys micro inverter system include: maximized energy harvest, improved safety for installers and users, increased reliability, a lifetime matching that of the solar modules, real-time performance monitoring for each solar module, and simplified PV array design and installation. Headquartered in Coventry, UK, the company also has sales and support offices in Redwood Shores, California; Bad Homburg, Germany; and Taipei, Taiwan.


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Raised $1 million in 2009 and acquired by LinkedIn for $15 million in 2012

Rapportive was started because we wanted to communicate personally with people. Lots and lots of people. It turns out we weren’t the only ones: users adore Rapportive, and pump over 20 million lookups through our systems every month.

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Coventry Temperature Concepts

Raised over £400,000 from 2007-2009, currently raising an additional £1 million of funding.

Coventry Temperature Concepts Limited (CTC) develops consumer telemedicine solutions to pressing healthcare needs. Founded in 2006 by scientists at the University of Coventry in England, the company is now at the forefront of research and commercialisation of in-home patient care, saving patients, hospitals, insurers and the state millions of pounds annual in healthcare costs.

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Won a £150,000 Angel Prize in 2005, secured Series A funding in 2009

Enval is committed to tackling the increasing problems presented by materials that are currently unrecyclable or unrecycled with the aim of diverting them from landfill or incineration. One of our main areas of expertise is the recycling of laminated packaging waste. Our technology extracts commercially usable aluminium, oil and gas from laminated packaging waste, such as drink cartons (e.g. Tetra Pak), food pouches, and toothpaste tubes, allowing the waste to be completely recycled in an economically viable way.

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Owlstone Nanotech

Awarded a $1.4 million contract in 2009.

The Owlstone detector is a revolutionary dime-sized device that can be programmed to detect a wide range of chemical agents that may be present in extremely small quantities. Using leading-edge micro- and nano- fabrication techniques, Owlstone has created a complete chemical detection system that is one hundred times smaller and one thousand times cheaper than existing technologies. There are numerous applications - across industries  from security and defense to automotive and healthcare - that depend on the rapid, accurate detection and measurement of chemical compounds.

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Light Blue Optics

$54 million raised collectively until 2010.

Light Blue Optics (LBO) develops and supplies advanced user-interface technology for use in high-volume applications in markets including education, training, corporate boardrooms and consumer electronics.

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Coventry Cell Networks

€10 million raised in 2009.

Coventry Cell Networks (CCNet) is a Coventry UK based technology company that has been providing solutions, databases and software  for researchers and decision makers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, nutrition and agrochemical industries over the last ten years.  CCNet has a track record of maintaining the technical as well as scientific cutting edge and delivering reliable products and services to our customers. Our core management team has over 100 man years of experience in Pharmaceutical and Industrial R&D and our scientists have produced nearly two hundred man years of high quality expert curated content for our databases helping our clients to make fast hypothesis about  how chemicals act on biological systems.

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