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Science and Technology Stream


The ‘Braille-E!’ brings an affordable Braille e-reader to blind & visually impaired people.


Entomics Biosystems is pioneering the transformation of food waste into sustainable fuels for plants, animals and vehicles… using insects.


Provide a cheap, rapid, portable malaria diagnostic test, possessing the sensitivity of the current gold standard, but significantly quicker and easier.


NavaTech has developed a unique Nanoscale Inkjet Printing technology for Nanostructured solar cell technology, which promises a significant enhancement in device lifetime and a substantial cost reduction

Software Stream

Tenoke Limited

Tenoke has developed a software (SPACE) to automatically assess plaque vulnerability to predict the risk of stroke for asymptomatic patients.

Contract Recommender

Our service, Contract Recommender, utilises publicly available information including web-sites, press releases, and legal documents from UK companies to build a unique profile, then uses machine learning and natural language processing to recommend relevant contracts for the company to bid on.


CardiovaML is a software suite built on machine learning and image analysis used to automate the process of measuring the left ventricular ejection fraction from CMRs, which is the main diagnostic used to diagnose heart failure.

Social enterprise


One in ten people don’t have clean drinking water. We want to change this by providing faster, cheaper tests to find out if water is safe to drink.


We are developing Vocalens, an eye-glasses that scans physical books, and read out audibly for blind people.

The Inclusion chair

The Samavesa (which means ‘inclusion’ in Hindi) is the world’s first mobility device that delivers potential for users to lower themselves to floor level for social interactions whilst maintaining the functionality of a conventional wheelchair at sitting level.


Best pitch awards


The chitin team

Our aim is to purify industrially valuable compounds from shellfish waste. 63000 tons of shellfish waste are produced every year, costing 2.7 million pounds to dispose of.

Chain of Thought

Using blockchain based technology, a recent innovation in de-centralized database design popularized by Bitcoin, we have designed Chain of Thought, a software infrastructure that quietly and reliably stores a time-stamped proof-of-creation for notes and emails to the blockchain. Chain of Thought allows users to quickly and easily prove the creation and authorship of a note, email, or file. This security provides the peace of mind for researchers to more openly share their ideas and to retrieve past records required to validate patent claims or otherwise protect their intellectual property.

Project Livelihood

Project Livelihood actively finds the poorest people in the world, and presents them with the opportunity to leverage themselves and their families out of poverty. We achieve this in two stages: education, and employment.

The Unforgettables

The Unforgettables aims to give purpose to our ageing population reducing physical and mental issues and saving billions for the Government.

Medic SMS

In most developing countries, not only is the quality of healthcare substandard to that of more developed nations, but the dissemination of medical information is also limited due to poor internet connectivity. In these same countries, most citizens own ordinary feature phones and rely heavily on SMS text messaging for communication. MedicSMS is a fully automated system based on state-of-the-art machine learning that empowers those in developing countries with the ability to obtain medical advice and a preliminary diagnosis via SMS. Users simply text their symptoms to MedicSMS and receive a preliminary diagnosis and a doctor recommended course of action.