Congratulations to our £100 winners!

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Sam Chaudhary (ClassDojo), Andrew Thompson (Proteus Digital) and Stanley Yang (Neurosky) handed over winning prizes to outstanding business plan ideas in Life Sciences and Technology, Software and Social Entreprise.  And the winners are…

Martyna Popis - Portable DNA sequencer that connects to an online database of rare diseases, allowing fast patient diagnosis from a blood sample only

Tom Mitchell - Fluorescently labelled nano-particles that utilise the particle matrix to transfer fluorescent energy with high-efficiency at near-infrared wavelengths for men diagnosed with localised prostate cancer.

Michael A. Anderson Burley - Using microfluidic hydrogel technology, differentiated human cell types can be assembled into 3D micro-organ systems (e.g. intestinal endothelium, liver). Human micro-organs allow precise environmental control, high-throughput screening, and toxicological relevance.

Allen Lin - VitalScope is a high-quality stethoscope that plugs into smartphones, has cloud-based diagnostic capacities for heart and respiratory problems, and is at least 10-fold cheaper.

Khoon Kheng - A new type of strong (to withstand pressure and shear) and chemical- resistant plastic container for petroleum and compressed natural gas to replace heavy metal containers.

Damon Civin - Biophotovoltaic cells to produce low-powered consumer products, such as Christmas trees powering their own fairy-lights.

Cheryl Brighton - Bio-photovoltiacs system developed by University of Coventry academics harnesses the energy produced by plants using a conductive soil.

Enass Abo-Hamed - a novel “sponge-like” material that catalytically produces and stores hydrogen gas at room temperature, and on heating releases the hydrogen in a safe and on-demand manner.

Mohammad-reza Golabchi - Our patented nano-pillar covered surface solution inspired by Gecko’s extraordinary adhesive force is capable of efficiently collecting and reducing the density of particulate matter.

Joseph Mambwe - Intelligent home automation device that allows lights in homes to be easily automated without the need for invasive restructuring of the buildings internals.

Jordy Goldstein - A secure global address database for people, organizations, and companies to use when sending mail or parcels.

Joseph Mambwe - “Stranded!” is a mobile app for commuters who often find themselves in situations where they have missed a connection or their transportation gets cancelled.

Regina Hung -  A sensor connected to shower water supply to detect the amount of water used by each shower and reduce it when it surpasses certain pre-programmed level.

Joseph Mambwe - A social enterprise that is an online agricultural marketplace that connects African farmers with nearby city consumers.

David Greatrex and Anna Bluj (team) - ‘Network Translating’ is an attractive communicative online platform that automates quotes, data handling and links UK businesses with a network of specialised technical translators throughout Europe.

Jessica Ocampos - Biobanking and traditional cell storage use toxic agents with potential adverse effects in clinical transplant patients.

Robert Hoff - A central consolidated store for topical knowledge development: one’s ‘universe of data’ seen as an adapting, graph-like and organic entity.

Julia Powles - Precision kitchen technology, wirelessly integrating timing, temperature and agitation control for the everyday epicure.