Jun 2012 14

The winners of the CUE Business Creation Competition 2012 are:
Technology start up of the year - Cam Battery
CamBattery develops a novel battery technology based on lithium and sulfur, the combination of these two elements can yield the highest energy density of any rechargeable batteries. Our technology is based on a continuous roll-to-roll process for carbon nanotube-sulfur composite production. CamBattery products will enable the advancement of consumer electronics and electrical vehicles, which are being hold back by the amount of energy stored in the batteries available in the market.

Life Science Start up of the year -Desktop Genetics
Desktop Genetics is building a robot capable of performing automated DNA synthesis. The SynthBot has been specifically designed to run the time consuming, repetitive reactions needed to synthesise DNA, thereby preventing costly mistakes and allowing users to focus on the experiments that really matter.
SynthBots communicate with each other and computers over a network, sending and receiving DNA data like a fax machine, so that collaborators will always have the latest version of your DNA. SynthBots allow users to translate their designs into physical reality the same day, enabling rapid proof-of-concept, more comprehensive drug searches, and more time making breakthroughs.

General Innovation Start up of the year - Coventry Interactive Video Solutions
Coventry Interactive Video Solutions aims to become the leading player in the global online advertising market by making clickable video technology available to general public.
Our goal is in 2 years to provide a disruptive monetisation solution for users of generic video sharing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe. Each user will be able to attach meta data in the form of textual information or hyperlink to an object of interest in any uploaded video.

Social Enterprise Start up of the year - Wedu
Local leadership is critical for local development. Wedu has developed a sustainable business model to provide education financing options and mentorship for underprivileged university students with high leadership potential in Least Developed Countries (LDCs), especially girls. We want to initiate a positive cycle of developing local leadership talent by identifying students committed to working on local issues, helping them to complete university and giving them access to a global network of mentors. We use social collateral to incentivise students to return to serve their communities, mentor future leaders and repay the financing into our revolving fund to serve more students.

Software Start up of the year and Angel Prize -Student Reading lists:
studentreadinglists.com makes compiling, validating and sharing course resources between educators, administrators and students a seamless and cost-effective process. The web tool delivers a fully integrated solution at a price that clearly outperforms alternative offerings.
By offering an integrated web solution for university staff, reading lists can be managed and students can access their course material in all media forms from a central location. Through the aggregation of students’ atomised demand for course media, studentreadinglists.com enables buyers and sellers the opportunity to benefit from group purchasing.

First step Forward prize -Drop Tech:
Drop-Tech provides an automated system for continuous screening of multiple samples for both absorbance and fluorescence assays. This system saves time, samples and reagents and provides quantitative data in assay volumes of around 50 nano-litres. The Drop-Tech system provides the miniaturisation of nano-litre liquid handling robots with the detection and analysis of multi-mode plate readers. This easy-to-use screening system will be used for validation and characterisation of hits, by providing the ability to screen multiple parameters in a combinatorial fashion.

First Step Forward Prize -Old Bond:

Old Bond is a start-up company introducing in the UK the world’s first spinning animated pictures and video on bicycle wheels, a breakthrough in outdoor advertising. Offering environmentally friendly advertising, we use a unique hi-tech system, Video Pro, to transfer advertising video-clips, images and logos from a computer onto the wheels. The new technology transforms a bike into a work of art and opens up unique opportunities for advertising. Our bikes with videos and images on the wheels have been a true sensation on the streets mesmerizing crowds and delivering advertising message.

Young entrepreneur of the year
Nils Frers
Steven Marsh

Angel Prize: Student Reading Lists

Congratulations everyone!

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