Ten Things You Need to Know About the CUE Competition

  1. All of our events, trainings and award ceremonies, are FREE.
  2. All £100 and £1K cash prizes are to give away with no strings attached!
  3. You can enter ANY or ALL of the three sub-competitions: £100 for 100 words, the £1k competition, and the £5k competition.
  4. You don’t need a brilliant idea to enter the competition - some times you don’t even need an idea: join someone else’s team!
  5. You can win multiple prizes, if you have multiple good ideas!
  6. You can still enter if you’ve recently graduated (less than 12 months)!
  7. You can even enter if you’re not a student at Coventry, as long as you have a Coventry student or recent alumnus in the executive team.
  8. It’s an absolutely fantastic experience to put on your CV as evidence for “leadership and management skills” and “commercial awareness”.
  9. You can get FREE and ONE-TO-ONE advice from the business gurus and academics from Coventry.
  10. You will be joining the network of “CUE Alumni” and enjoy continuous support even after the competition.

So why wait? Enter the competition!

Competition Handbook 2012/13


What’s New This Year? 2012/13

  • The general innovation stream will be removed from the competition. All teams will be allocated into one of the three traditional streams: Technology, Software and Social Enterprise.
  • Entries to the £1k and £5k competition stages must include summaries of each team member’s past experience and future plans. These will be used to judge the team’s commitment to turn the business idea into an actual business.
  • Mentors’ feedback may now be taken into consideration for the £5k competition.
  • Finalists of the Software stream at the £5k stage will only be required to produce a demo that highlights the software’s functionality, instead of a fully operational prototype. This demo should showcase the software’s potential and show that a fully functional product will be achievable by the team.