Nov 2011 13

(Photo by OneLeap)

By Shakiba Kaveh

H.I.P.P.B.E.R.T ! This was the buzz word of the night! Until that night, it is difficult to realise the power of a good pitch in attracting clients, investors and kick-starting an entrepreneurial career! Two of the Coventry alumni and Simon Campbell, now a serial entrepreneur pitched us in 10 minutes how to give a “pick-up pitch”.  If you can articulate your idea in two sentences that is also appealing to the investor’s background, then you’ve nailed it! explains Simon. You need to Hook your audience with a magical sentence then Identify the Problem, Propose your idea and explain them the Benefits, indicate your Execution strategies, Repeat your idea again and Take action and ask for their business card. Simple!

This is why you see many scientists with patents but very few with a business. We are used to having at least 20 minutes for long and joyful discussions and this is often one of the pitfalls which we may fall into while pitching.

The event was a success and people have certainly learned something which they did not know before. We are not born with a natural instinct of entrepreneurship; we have to be trained and it takes a certain spirit to be one, a phoenix rising from the ashes type of mentality and CUE is doing exactly that.

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