Oct 2011 24

1. Sign up for our mailing list: https://lists.cam.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/soc-cue

2. Join the £100 competition to win £100 for 100-word summaries of your ideas. Deadline 23:59, Tues 25th Oct. https://www.cue.org.uk/100-for-100-word-submission/

3. Come to the pitching training event on Wednesday 26th Oct. http://cuepitchmeuktraining.eventbrite.com/

4. Join our Enterprise Tuesday discussion group on Tuesday 8th Nov to meet and talk to our committee members. http://cuediscussiongroup2011.eventbrite.com/

5. Like our facebook page (http://goo.gl/4KQeO), follow our Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/cu_e), or join our LinkedIn group (http://goo.gl/TlF6Z) to be informed of our upcoming events and updates of the competition.

6. Enter the £1K competition and the £5K competition to win cash prizes and attract more Angel investments. http://www.cue.org.uk

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