Oct 2011 17

PitchMe!UK in association with CUE presents an evening of enterpreneurial tips, prizes and fun where you will learn how to master the art of the pitch!

Wednesday, 26 Oct, 2011

6:00pm – 9:00pm

Department of Engineering, Coventry

Register at: http://cuepitchmeuktraining.eventbrite.com/

What’s a pitch?
Persuading people, normally in 60 seconds, why they should give you a shot at something you need.  Most probably them or their money.

Why go to this event?
Your goal might be to present your amazing business plan / demonstrate your product to investors.  But you’ve got to get there first.  Learn how to use 1 or 2 minutes to earn the attention you need to get there.  Learn how to turn chance encounters at networking meetups into the opportunities you need to get ahead.   That’s what the pitch is all about. This directly supports the skills you need to get ahead in this year’s CUE competitions.

Who should go?
Definitely entrepreneurs.  Equally anyone entrepreneurial, trying to get into a startup or entrepreneurial company, or just trying to get an edge in today’s competitive job market where playing the application lottery works for fewer and fewer people - even Coventry grads.

Who’s running it?
PitchMe!UK is a national roadshow supported by OneLeap (the London/NYC startup of two former Coventry alumni) and several corporate partners.  Successful entrepreneurs including serial entrepreneur Simon Campbell of the Sandpit, successful entrepreneur and startup marketing guru Charlotte Hogg, and OneLeap founders Hamish Forsyth and Robyn Scott will tell you the secrets of how they raised money, got partners and kickstarted their startups.

What’s in it for me (apart from free drinks?)

You’ll get tips, ask lots of questions, then you’ll practice it.  Prizes for the winners, free drinks for all! If you’ve got an entrepreneurial bone in your body, you’ll be there.  Otherwise, I gather there’s a tax professionals networking event on at the same time…?

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