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Join CUE and Coventry Consultants for a short session on


Bathtub to Warehouse

Does your CUE business idea involve developing a product?  Either for a product company, or a service company or you may have a technology platform idea?  Would a demonstration of your concept and how it could be used help you sell your idea?  A really good demonstrator can help you not only gain the confidence of investors and potential customers but can also help you take huge steps towards a real order book.  

This session was also delivered at MIT, Coventry, USA.

We have helped startups in many market sectors to create demonstrators and want to use this session to show how demonstrators can have a real impact for your future business.  If you already have a business plan and an idea of an application that will make a real difference to a market, then this session is for you!

The Bathtub to Warehouse discussion group will explore how the product development process maps very well onto the venture funding ladder for technology based startups.   This is no coincidence: product development is all about achieving milestones, asking the difficult questions early on, reducing risk, building confidence, and pushing hard and fast.    In other words, it is just like smart management of any business investment, and like any other investment, there are key questions you need to answer at each milestone before your investors will take the plunge. 

Date and Time: 18:00-19:30 Tuesday, 22 March, 2011

Location: Lecture Room 3 (LR3), Department of Engineering

You will receive a free booklet containing useful notes and case studies by the end of the training. Please register at:

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