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The £1K Winners 2003-04



Reliability is a very important issue in power stations. Each blackout can cause damage to the tune of billions of pounds. Most blackouts are caused by the failures of turbine generators. The rotor is a major part of a turbine generator. Accurate instrumentation is required to enable the prevention of rotor failures and hence possible blackouts. Due to the fact that the rotor is moving and awkardly located, instrumentation is difficult. BlueInstruments has developed a technology that can access the rotor in a safe and reliable manner. This will enable the lifetime of turbine generators to be extended (by up to 10%) by applying optimum adjustments to the generation system.

Distributed Air Freshening

We have created a distributed air freshening system using our patent protected microcapillary technology. This system provides huge advantages over existing methods of air freshening through centralisation and flexibility! This product is targetted at large commercial projects such as supermarkets. In this market air freshening is a necessary purchase and experiments have already been carried out with distributed air freshening. These lacked the technology and sophistication of our products but show the market has potential.

Dolphin Solutions

Dolphin Solutions will address the large market opportunity for technology-based systems to assis lifeguards in detecting unconcious casulties. The product to be launched is the Lifeguard Alert System, which essentially comprises a wristband that monitors the movement of the swimmer and if they remain motionless for 45 seconds, a signal is sent from the wristband, via a wireless base station, to a pager worn by the lifeguard. This ensures the lifeguard is aware that the swimmer maybe unconscious.

GA Solutions ( uk ) Ltd

GA solutions is a spin out from Coventry University , based around a team of 4 academics. We have developed a series of algorithms for speeding up computations involved in 3d computer graphics, geometric computing, and modeling of electromagnetic fields. We aim to market these through software development and consultancy agreements.

Poseidon Watermarkers Ltd.

Poseidon Watermarkers is a start-up venture that has identified an exiciting business opportunity in water supply and marine leisure industry. We are developing a product that is cost effective and versatile for the provision of day-to-day and emergency desalinated fresh drinking water.


Sensergen is developing a technology platform focused on delivering the next generation of diagnostic systems for the control of food allergy. Our patented Immunotip technology has the capability to detect food allergens in a wide variety of foodstuffs and will prevent the life-threatening symptoms of allergenic disease. The technology, which has been developed by internationally recognised research groups at the Institute of Biotechnology , University of Coventry is poised to make a disruptive impact on the food processing industries, unlockinghidden calue linked to the food allergy epidemic. Sensergen aims to make MAY CONTAINS NUTS a phrase of the past.


WayToSay brings conversation simulation technology to the consumer mass markets.