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The 3P Winners 2003-04


Not-for-Profit Catagory Winner:

Aidworld Humanitarian ICT
Aidworld is a not-for-profit company whose team of experienced aidworkers and IT engineers are developing software that allows those with a slow/unreliable connection to the internet to use email and access websites. Aidworld has been running on a voluntary basis for two years and is now seeking funding to develop and deploy this technology worldwide.


For Profit Catagory Winner:

ACCIS International
ACCIS is a for promit climate asset management consultancy and financial products provider. We help small and medium size installations participate in the EU Emissions Trading System by providing emissions verification and auditing serves and by reducing their risk exposure to the new market. We also aim to use funds generated by the EU Emissions Trading System to fund projects that contribute to sustainable development in developing countries


For Profit Catagory Winner:

Accurate and cost-effective diagnosis of infectious diseases lies at the basis of any health-system's effort to address treatment and control strategies. DiagnovIS procides a nobel, more precise, cheaper and user-friendly method for diagnosing infections that are priorities globally, and especially in developing countries: including malaria, ghonnorhea and chlamydia. Our compact automated microscopic diagnosis product is based on a PC-platform, with artificial intelligence software that has high sensitivity for distinct infectious agents. Our business model not only addresses global health priorities, but does this in a profitable and sustainable way. The market for the DiagnovIS diagnostic product and associated pathogen image and diagnostic information database and epidemic monitoring system and includes rural and urban clinics, hospitals, international airports, research institutes, governments and non-governmental organisations.