Judging & Mentoring

Confidentiality of your Entry

All judges and organisers with access to the entries will sign a non-disclosure agreement. A copy of the NDA is included at the end of the Handbook.

You will be asked to submit a title for your business idea and a short (100 words or less) public summary. This will be published by the organisers in promotional materials, press releases etc. Do not disclose proprietary information about your idea in the short public description.

Similarly, a qualified mentor may be provided from whom to obtain feedback. Following your consent, your entry may be shared with prospective mentors who will agree verbally to a non-disclosure agreement. Mentors will be selected for finalist teams.

Protection of your Intellectual Property

Coventry University Entrepreneurs, the Organisers, and Sponsors of the CUEBiC and 3P Business Creation Competitions have taken reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of your entries.

The Sponsors and Judges of the Competitions include non CUE organisations that are in the business of working with and investing in the ideas of entrepreneurs. Note that sponsoring organisations and mentors will agree to a confidentiality agreement which extends for twelve (12)months after the public announcement of the winners of the Competition.

Copies of these confidentiality agreements are available from the CUE Judging Coordinator. The competition cannot and will not take further responsibility to protect the intellectual property or other rights of the Entrants.

The protection of these rights is the ultimate responsibility of each entrant. Entrants are urged to mark as "confidential" any portion of their Entries that they consider to be confidential. Entrants should be careful about disclosing any patentable concepts in the entries.

Entrants looking to incorporate are strongly advised to seek professional advice on issues surrounding Intellectual Property Rights. A list of recommended bodies is available from CE, on request.