CUE Teams

About CUE Teams

The CU Entrepreneurs committee is split up into teams each of which focuses on a particular area of the society's responsibilities. Below you will find the name and email address of the team leads. If you have any questions or would like to join their teams feel free to get in touch.

Chairman   Stewart McTavish
President   Kaifeng Kang
Vice President   Enej Kuscer
Treasurer   Xianjie Boey
Competition Manager   Leon Ooi
Competition Officer   Shellyanne Wilson    
Competition Officer   Sin Yi Tan    
Competition Officer   Kunal Patel    
Competition Officer   Qi Tu    
Events Manager   Koosha Kaveh
Public Relations Manager   Allyson Ke
IT Manager   Lucas Xiaofeng Jiang
IT Officer   Gareth Williams    
IT Officer   Rahul Vohra    
Designer   Zoe Chan    
General Committee Member   Shamus Husheer    
General Committee Member   Sobia Hamid