3P Business Creation Competition

The 3P competition was created in 2003 to challenge the mindsets of the business community. 3P stands for People, Planet and Productivity. It is the 3P challenge to plan your business and consider not only the single bottom line but the triple bottom line. How will your new venture not only add value to the economy but also make an impact on the enivornment and society. Are you up to the challenge?

The most recent addition to CUE's portfolio of high profile competitions, the 3P competition is also the competition with the most room to develop and grow. Having been a very exciting first year, the 3P has done a great deal of good and will go on to achieve a great deal more. However, improving upon such a professional and well publicised project will be difficult, if only because so much of the project was so well conceived initially.

Nevertheless, despite this positive start, this coming year of 3P entrants can expect CUE to build upon this platform for a very exciting year. With increased marketing, sustained funding and more experienced mentors and managers alike, much of the 3P's development may appear transparent. Incremental changes in documentation, planning, structuring and organisation will be de rigeur. Aside from this, we also hope to implement many changes in accordance with CUE's developing philosophy of fashioning individuals into entrepreneurs by endowing them with specific skill-sets rather than focusing on the creation of institutions - which is of course to forget that institutions are merely conduits for individuals and a structure of social organisation. We also aim to learn and progress with other 3P style competitions across the UK and the world, and also, where possible, assist others with 3P style projects.

  Charlie Delingpole, 3P Lead 2004-05