2006 Finalist


Team members: Chin Tah Ang (St. Edmund's), Johanna Busch (Clare), Hedwig Kresse (Hughes Hall), Ronak Shah (Sidney Sussex), Clemens Huber (Queens'), Timothy Broke-Smith (Hughes Hall), Melinda Griffiths (Wolfson), Alexandar Nikolic (Trinity Hall)

In biology labs and classrooms around the world, teaching aids such as skeletal and gastrointestinal models are a familiar sight. What is conspicuously absent is a realistic and interactive three-dimensional model of our fundamental building block - the cell. The result? A disconnect between theory and reality. We offer a product that can requite this conceptual blind-spot, which has two interdependent components: a realistic gel-based cell model with removable cell parts, and 3D modeling and animation software. User interaction with the physical model will activate animation, images and related information on an analogous 3D virtual cell.