2006 Finalist


Team members:Gerhard Symons (Fitzwilliam), David Hampton (Wolfson), Feras Mahdi (Hughes Hall), Melinda Griffiths (Wolfson)

Each day, thousands of people suffer from heart attack caused by underlying coronary artery disease. The condition can be condition can be corrected by angioplasty, followed by wire-mesh stent to hold the artery open, but protein deposition can occlude the stent. Drug-eluting stents attack the deposits, but do not directly address the underlying attachment process. We propose to create a novel 'non-stick stent, coated with a non-toxic substance that is both hydro- and oleo-phobic. We require 1.5m seed funding to reach Phase 1 clinical trial where we can partner with a device manufacturer to capture 15% of this US$15bn market within five years.