Aidworld Humanitarian ICT

Company Description

Software to make the world wide web accessible to people who only have access to the poorest communications networks, initially focussing on the needs of the humanitarian aid community.


Stelios Christo...
Tom Corsellis
Alan Jacson
Dominic Vergine

Light Blue Optics

Company Description

Light Blue Optics are developing holographic display and projection systems, leading to cheap, bright, lightweight, pocket-sized video projectors.


Edward Buckle
Adrian Cable
Peter Marsh
Nic Lawrence

CUE Winners Run The Gauntlet

Two previous winners of the CUEBiC competition, Margo Technologies (2006 winner), a company developing wireless audio high technology and founded by Han Lin, Fatima Wang and Kewei Huang, and Optisynx (2004 winner), a company developing the first ever alternative to the caesium atomic clock and founded by Dr Dominic Mikulin and Dr Jeremy Sowsabowksi, have made the shortlist for the East of England Development Agency's (EEDA) Running the Gauntlet competition.

Emma Yap – Sat, 07/10/2023 – 12:33
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