Coventry Enterprise Surgeries

From 21 October 2009, Coventry Enterprise will be hosting its 7th successive year for FREE, confidential 1-to-1 business clinics or "Specialist Surgeries".

Any University member (or alumni) qualifies to book 40 minute sessions with top rated lawyers, patent agents, business advisers and venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs are not limited to one booking and can book across the Surgery calendar on all topics, with each week covering a different topic.

Current surgery topics include:
- Early Stage Funding & Business Planning;
- Legal Issues;
- Marketing;
- Patents and IPR, and;
- Venture Capital Funding.

Session times are: (a) 2-2.40pm, (b) 2.45-3.25pm, (c) 3.30-4.10pm, and (d) 4.15-4.55pm.  All sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons at the Coventry Enterprise offices in the William Gates Building, 15 JJ Thomson Avenue, CB3 0FD.

To book a session please visit the Specialist Surgeries page and click on the appropriate links.  

If you prefer you can also sign up by sending an email to but remember to provide affiliation, contact details including phone number and the nature of business issues to be discussed.