Finalists' Page

Although there is only a limited number of £5k prizes, all of you have prizes from our sponsors. Please find in the Prize Pack attached to this page:

1. Prize Claim Rules 2007-8: summary of the evidence you have to submit in order to claim your £5k
2. Filemot-Coventry IP Prizes for winners and finalists: free or reduced price patent landscape
3. HLBB Shaw Prize: £2500 worth of IP services or free patent 495
4. Information sheet about i-Teams: please let me know if your team is interested in having an i-Team

CoventryIP_CUE_BP_First Prize.pdf1.73 MB
CoventryIP_CUE_BP_Runner Up Prize.pdf1.73 MB
HLBBShawPrize.pdf50.34 KB
i-Teams sheet.pdf23.66 KB
5k Prize Claim Rules 2007-8.pdf108.22 KB