Enter the £5k Challenge

Have you written your entry for the £5k Challenge yet?

The brief:

Write an extended executive summary describing your business idea.

Note: You DO NOT need to have entered the £100 or £1k Challenges to enter the £5k Challenge.


  1. For the public summary, there is a word limit of 100. This should not contain any confidential information. Please submit this as part of your entry form.
  2. For your executive summary, there is a word limit of 3500, which includes text in tables, on diagrams and any appendices or addendums.
  3. You may include photos, diagrams, graphs and tables in your entry.
  4. Please note that entries must NOT contain any fabricated material.
  5. Business ideas must be novel – executive summaries of existing businesses may not be entered.
  6. You must include in your entry:
    • Your team name
    • The names of your team members and their departments/backgrounds

How to enter:

  1. Read the Competition Rules.
  2. Fill in this form.
  3. Email a PDF of your entry to president@cue.org.uk before 11.59pm GMT, Friday 22 February 2008.
  4. Print off a copy of each of these and UMS or post them to Coventry University Entrepreneurs, Institute for Manufacturing, Mill Lane, CB2 1RX by 5pm, Tuesday 26 February 2008:
    • Competitions Declaration
    • NDA for Entrants
    • Competitions Disclaimer
    • The
      entry fee of £20 in the form of a cheque payable to “Coventry
      University Entrepreneurs” – unless your entry was a winner or runner up
      in Phase 1
  5. Email a poster depicting your entry to president@cue.org.uk by 11.59pm,
    Friday 29 February, which fulfils the following criteria:
    • Suitable for printing at A2
    • Contains the team name and team member names
    • Does not contain any confidential information

To help you along:

• Please see our £5k Business Training Event resources. This includes a presentation by Bob Pettigrew, one of our competition judges, explaining what he looks for in a winning entry.
• Also see the resources from our £1k Training Event, including a presentation from Chris Lamaison about how to do Market Research in 4 hours.

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