su-chef is a system that seamlessly plugs into existing smart home environments and achieves the automatic coordination of intelligent devices. It employs artificial intelligence technology to transparently compose sequences of operations (to be executed on several devices simultaneously), which will meet a goal set by the user (for instance, 'cook lasagne'). It then executes the instructions, monitors the progress of the process, and adapts to environmental changes in order to ensure the successful completion of the task. In a fast-growing market such as the smart home one - an estimated $27 billion a year will be spent on smart domestic technology this year in the US, su-chef stands to gain significant market share in a relatively short time span. The problem of automatic coordination of smart home devices to achieve complex tasks, such as cooking, remains largely unexplored. su-chef will initially market its solutions to three distinct market segments including smart home providers, large restaurants, and consumers. The su-chef team intends to patent the developed technology.

Maja Vukovic
Evangelos Kotsovinos