PowerSilicon Technology

PowerSilicon Technology is a young spin-out from the University of Coventry founded by scholars with a wealth of technology expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Being a fabless design house dedicated to power semiconductors and controllers, PowerSilicon is a green idea factory. We aim to produce green innovations and energy-saving solutions for electrical energy conversions, in particular renewable energy systems such as wind energy and hybrid vehicles, based on pioneering technologies, creativity and expert craftsmanship. After a decade of research at Coventry, the founding team boasts state-of-the-art technologies and extensive know-how in power semiconductor design and control, holding one patent and three pending patents. The lead product, Active Voltage Controller, has been successfully developed to the point of commercial exploitation and approved to have superior features. Our ultimate goal is to actively participate in the power semiconductor industry and commit to the global environment and energy saving.

Zhihan Wang
Yalan Wang
Patrick Palmer