First £100 Awarded

Shamus Husheer, with his idea of Fertility Guide, won the first £100 Pitch Challenge held on 3rd November at the Engineering Department.

Fertility Guide is a medical device that passively measures physiological parameters to provide a means of fertility control for women. It is claimed to be completely non-hormonal and twice as effective as condoms, whilst not interfering with a woman’s reproductive system.

Speaking at the event, Peter Hiscocks, Senior Treasurer of CUE, gave an informative presentation on what makes ‘The Perfect Pitch’ before the challenge began. In a highly-charged atmosphere, the competitors presented their business ideas to audience and an eminent panel of judges: Peter Hiscocks, Bob Pettigrew and David Gill.

Other innovative ideas which cropped up in the challenge included Waclaw A Slezak’s chip to measure tyre pressure for road safety and environmentally friendly solar powered radio for use in developing countries, presented by Edward Borgstein.

The next £100 Challenge will be held on the 24th of November. For more information, click here