CMI Distinguished Lecture on Tuesday 22nd November 2005

Moving Ahead with the Toyota Way

Mr Yoshio Ishizaka, Senior Advisor to the Board of the Toyota Motor Corporation, will be discussing the future of the automotive industry in the next CMI Distinguished Lecture.

5pm, Tuesday, 22nd November 2005 at the Judge Business School, University of Coventry.

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Toyota is second largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, with manufacturing plants in 27 countries, and an ambition to become world number one by 2010 with a 15% market share. In the Distinguished Lecture, Mr Ishizaka will reveal the secrets of Toyota’s global success and outline Toyota’s vision of the future of mobility. Toyota’s vision for 2010 involves exploring new concepts and technologies to deliver enhanced safety, performance and environmental protection, and the company invests more that £2 billion per year in technology and the development of new products. A quarter of Toyota’s research and development budget is dedicated to alternative fuel sources, and Mr Ishizaka will explain Toyota’s hybrid history and technology. Finally, Mr Ishizaka will share some of his own tips on management and leadership, gained from his extensive career in business.

The lecture and question and answer session will be chaired by Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the world's leading creative organisations. Kevin will bring to the Distinguished Lecture his unique understanding of how two organisations with very different cultures can work together to create one of the world’s most trusted brands.

The lecture will be webcast live to an international virtual audience. Please feel free to distribute this invitation to view on-line to your networks.

This event is hosted by the CMI-sponsored Centre for Competitiveness and Innovation (CCI), based at the Judge Business School. The CCI: * Works with business to better understand how value is created, delivered and captured from product and process innovation * Is a lively and challenging community where best industry practice and leading theory is combined to provide practical solutions to the challenge of extracting value from innovation

The lecture will be broadcast live via the world wide web, in association with Stream UK, starting promptly at 5pm UK time / 12pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday 22nd November. To watch the live webcast, visit

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