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Taking part in the 50k Competition

The 50k competition is a practical, detailed course about how to write a persuasive, knowledgable business plan. Entries to the 50k competition are judged by a panel of senior entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and professional service consultants. All participants entering the 50k must be able to produce a professional well thought out business plan, for this reason CUE provides extensive training. To maintain the quality of our entries only those who have had the necessary training by CUE or otherwise may enter, we are therefore not accepting any more entries for this competition.

It is no longer possible to join this year's competition. The next opportunity to join will be in October 2001.

You may only enter as an individual. However if you already have a team assembled, you will be given the opportunity to list their names on your 50k Application Form, and this will be taken into account when processing your applications.

Joining CUE:
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Other Issues:
If you have any other queries, please see the FAQ (NOT UP YET) or contact the 50k Committee.