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Joining CUE

To take part in any of the CUE competitions you must be a member of the society (this includes all team members for the 50k.) The CUE Events are restricted to CUE members and the 50k training is just for the CUE members that have been accepted for the 50k. Please see the 50k joining instructions for details.

The 1k competition and events are open to all CUE members who may join at any time.

Membership of CUE is 10 pounds for the academic year. CUE Events and 50k training is free. There may be charges for dinners etc. Membership is open to all, but at least one member of all entries to competitions must be a member of the University of Coventry.

To join CUE (and the 1k if you wish), either bring a cheque for 10 pounds or cash to a 1k event or submit a cheque payable to Coventry University Entrepreneurs and include the following information:

Email address

Place cheque and information in a sealed envelope and send to CUE in one of two ways:

1. Through the Inter-College Messaging Service, addressed to CUE,
Institute for Manufacturing, Mill Lane

2. Directly into CUE's pigeon hole, just inside the Institute for
Manufacturing, Mill Lane.