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Taking part in the 1k Competition

The requirements for the 1k competition are an interest in entrepreneurship and a good imagination. We give those entering the competition the chance to have their ideas looked at by Venture Capitalists and people who have worked in that area of business.

Joining the 1k competition is easy. Just turn up at a 1k event with a 10 cheque or cash and we will take down your membership details. It is also possible to send us a cheque at:

Coventry University Entrepreneurs
Institute of Manufacturing

This can be done through the university mailing system. You will need to print your name and email address onto the back of the cheque so that you may be added to the members database.

It is possible to join the 1k competition right up until the final submission date next term, you will, however, miss out on the many exciting events on offer. See the timetable for details.

Joining CUE:
Joining CUE makes you eligible to enter the 1k competition. Please click here for details about how you can benefit from joining CUE.

Other Issues:
If you have any other queries, please see the FAQ (NOT UP YET) or contact the 1k Committee.