A large proportion of internet "content" sites (media, search, webmail, etc) rely on advertising revenue for support. Frequently this advertising is performed via click-through images and links. However, this client-side filtering of such material is becoming increasingly popular - the fastest growing share of the browser market is now "Firefox" (over 23M downloads), for which the second most popular extension is a client-side filter (with over 1M users). Such filtering has been available for several years, but is only now becoming "mass market", and thus having a direct impact on the global US$10Bn/yr internet advertising revenue that allows many content sites to survive.

Anti-AdBlock provides a robust solution to this problem, involving a relatively straightforward modification to web-server software. The most common web-server in the market is Apache, which is open source and allows for production of derivative works.

Anti-AdBlock is seeking funds to obtain a US Software patent to protect intellectual property before licensing modified web-server "know-how" to internet media and advertising companies.

Shamus Husheer


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