1K Submission Process

We would like to remind you to submit your £1k Challenge entries before lunch time 1pm on Monday 7 December for the chance to win prizes of £1000.

We ask you to submit executive summaries of 1,500 Words. Any content beyond this will be discarded. You will also need to write a public summary of no more than 100 words. Make sure than no confidential information is disclosed in this public summary.

Also remember that there is a special Consumer Product Prize sponsored by Philips for the best consumer product idea. Contact us on for more information.

To point you in the right direction, please review the judging criteria, as outlined in the competition handbook, as well as the 1K training event presentations - they can be found under resources.

Generally, these are the basics of what you should aim to include in your executive summary:

•    The Concept and Opportunity

•    The Product or Service Description (including Intellectual Property if applicable)

•    The Market and customers

•    The Management team

•    The Finance requirements

•    The Business Operations

Submit your executive summary in PDF form online at www.cue.org.uk/1konlinesubmission.

Finally, make sure you print off and sign copies of the NDA and disclaimers the for entrants found at the end of the handbook and UMS them, along with your entry fee (a cheque payable to "Coventry University Entrepreneurs" for £10) to:

Coventry University Entrepreneurs, Institute for Manufacturing, 17 Charles Babbage Road, Coventry CB3 0FS.

If your idea won in Phase 1, it gains free entry to Phase 2. You will also be granted free entry to Phase 2 if you are a member of one of the winning teams at the Coventry apprentice, held on 14 November. To claim free entry please clearly indicate your team name and challenge. Please note that only one free entry per team will be granted.

Best of luck and have a merry Christmas!