Congratulations to our £100 winners 2014!!


Software Track

Owain Bryant

Marco Fiocco

Kayla Miele, Phil Grayeski  & Patrick Short

Nikolas Mavreas

Will Sterling



Technology Track

Claudia Percivalle

Mojtaba Jalebi

Cella Inc.

Tarek Abdel-Ghaffar

Kayla Miele and Phil Grayeski

Ehsan Abdi

Andrew Marsden

Dr Gustavo Cerda-Moya


Nelly Olova


Social Enterprise Track

Dominic Bealby-Wright

Tandadzo Matanda

Alexandra East & Gonzalo Garcia

William Jones

Kayla Miele and Phil Grayeski

Caroline Jo

£100 for 100 words Prize Ceremony

Since our launch event, we have received over 300 entries for the first stage of our business creation competition. The Judges have had a tough time picking the winners due to the exceptionally high quality of the entries this year. Winners will be announced nextThursday 18:30-22:00, 20-Nov-2014 at the William Gates Building.  Be sure to confirm your tickets here.

Three prominent entrepreneurs will speak and present the awards. Their names and bios are as follows:

Simon Stockley
Simon Stockley is currently the Senior Teaching Faculty in Entrepreneurship at Judge Business School and the Deputy Director at the Accelerate Cambridge incubator. Simon’s major defining purpose is to help people achieve their potential in life. He believes that everyone has entrepreneurial potential but that in most cases this is ‘socialised’ out of them by their upbringing and ‘the system’. His great passion is helping people to rediscover this potential both for their own benefit and that of society as a whole. Simon is highly reputed in the world of entrepreneurship: his entrepreneurship course for the MSc Management programme at Imperial College was ranked 1st in the world by the Financial Times in October 2009, while his MBA entrepreneurship course was ranked 4th in the world by the Financial Times (2011). He was also the ’Most Respected’ member of faculty 2010.

Gonzalo Garcia
A home-grown Cambridge student of seven years, Gonzalo co-founded the online education company Transmission Education (, along with friends Peter McFarlane and Simon Smart. The company provides a solution to the geographical mismatch of supply and demand in the >$100b market of private academic tuition. Transmission Education won CUE’s £5k Ideas Take Flight competition last year, and has nearly 700 Cambridge students and alumni registered as potential tutors. Gonzalo describes the CUE competition, together with the subsequent prize trip to Silicon Valley, as one of the most important contributors to the company’s development.

John Bird
John Bird MBE is a British social entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of The Big Issue, a magazine that is edited by professional journalists and sold by street vendors affected by homelessness. Since The Big Issue was launched in 199, it has helped thousands of vulnerable people take control of their lives. It currently works with around 2000 individuals across the UK offering them the opportunity to earn a legitimate income; to ‘help them to help themselves’. Over the past two decades the magazine has become synonymous with challenging, independent journalism, and renowned for securing exclusive interviews with the most elusive of superstars. It currently circulates around 100,000 copies every week. John Bird was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Business from Plymouth University in 2013.

CUE Appathon UK 2014

In collaboration with SVC2UK and the Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Sherry Coutu, CUE is proud to present the Cambridge Appathon on the 1st and 2nd of November 2014 at Engineering Department, LR6.

Book your ticket now and join us for 48 hours of fun!

With free beer and pizza, you’ve got everything to last the weekend and build something great. In addition, the ability to pitch and present your idea to the judges at the end of the weekend will be invaluable. Don’t forget some of these judges are angel investors, partners at venture capital firms, or potential mentors that could transform your startup and help you scale. This will be an invaluable opportunity for members of the cambridge community to ‘start up’ and is open to anyone – undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, anyone passing through or living in the city, etc..

Event Schedule

Saturday, 1 November

Registration: 11.00
Briefing: 11.30
Team formation and brainstorming: 13.30
Lunch arrives: 14.30
Hacking begins: 17.00
Hacking continues: 19.00
Pizza arrives: 19.30
Hacking continues: 22.00

Venue closes…

Sunday, 2 November

Venue opens – Breakfast and Coffee: 10.00
Hacking continues: 12.30
Lunch arrives: 16.30
Teams prepare 2min “Show and Tell”: 17.00
Show and Tell from all teams, with judges voting: 18.00
Presentation of awards and what happens next: 19.30

CUE Grand Launch – October 16th

Find out more about the CUE business creation competition, which awards over £50K of cash and prizes to budding student entrepreneurs; listen to the experiences of outstanding speakers; and network over free wine and food. The Launch will also mark the start of the £100 for 100 words competition, where entrants stand to win £100 for a simple 100 word summary of any business idea!

Book your ticket NOW:


  • Professor Christopher Lowe (Introduction by Darrin Disley, CEO at Horizon Discovery Group plc)
  • SimPrints (Winner of 2013 CUE competition)
  • Jon Bradford (Managing Director of Techstars)


CUE Grand Finale: £5K Competition Winners & Finalists

Congratulations to our winners and finalists (runner-ups) for the £5K Business Competition!!

Technology Stream Finalist

LogSquared:  The world’s first clinical anesthesia brain monitor that translates a patient’s neurophysiology under sedation into a visual interface for easier and safer drug titration.

Technology Stream Winner

OncoLinx  is commercializing a propriety class of toxins, azonafides, for use in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). ADCs are the new way to treat cancer.

Social Enterprise Stream Finalist

HandsOn  is a social enterprise aiming to facilitate the delivery of low-cost, fully functional 3D-printed prosthetic hands to amputees in developing countries in a sustainable manner.

Social Enterprise Stream Winner

SimPrints is developing a rugged, low-cost, portable fingerprint scanner that wirelessly syncs with mobile phones and integrates with existing mHealth applications, empowering health workers to link patients to their records anytime, anywhere.

Software Stream Finalist

MyFit will fundamentally change the way people exercise. Consumers expect customisable solutions to fit their body types, training style and overall goals.

Software Stream Winner

Transmission Education:  TopSet is an online tutoring platform helping tutors and students connect from across the world, arrange lessons, and carry them out via our state-of-the-art interactive online classroom.

Carpe Diem Life Science Business of the Year (£7.5K)

Radial Genomics Ltd  is a cancer diagnostics company. We strive to improve patient quality of life and outcome by giving physicians the best tools to most effectively tailor the treatment plan according to the patient’s personal oncological needs.

CUE Angel Prize: 

LogSquared (See Above)


Check out our Facebook page to view all the photos of CUE’s 5K Award Ceremony!!


Congratulations to the 1K Competition Winners!!

Congratulations to our winners and finalists (runner-ups) for the 1k£ competition! Read on for a brief outline of the best  ideas.  The detailed summaries can be found here: CUE 1K Public Summaries.

In no particular order…

Technology & Life Sciences Winners

Camses (Giorgio Divitini & Caterina Ducati)

We developed a catalyst based on TiO2, a standard industrial material, that can exploit both natural and artificial light for degrading pollutants in air while also killing pathogens

Sensor Hut (Tanya Hutter & Marc Stettler)

SensorHut Ltd is an early-stage start-up aiming to develop innovative sensor technologies for the measurement of VOCs.

Elves (Daniel Zheng, Ziyi Yu, Hongyu Zhang, Martin Banjo, Doris Zhang)

ELVES is a two-stage procedure, during which two embolic materials are injected into selected vessels to block the blood flow feeding the liver cancer tumour.

Radial Genomics (Alasdair Thong, Hind Kraytem, Grecia Gonzalez, Nikolaus Wenzl, Tim Xu)

Our product is an integrated image collection and analysis software used with fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) gene visualisation that aims to offer diagnostic, prognostic and predictive capabilities in the treatment of cancer through a novel, quantitative method of assessing changes in a patient’s genetic material in response to cancer.

Social Enterprise Winners

Hands On (Benedikt von Thuengen, Erela Dana, Cassi Henderson)

HandsOn is a social enterprise aiming to facilitate the delivery of low-cost, fully-functional 3D-printed prosthetic hands to amputees in developing countries.

Sim Prints (Alexandra Grigore , Andrew Quan, Daniel Storisteanu, Elizabeth Dzeng, Toby Norman)

Building on the wide use of mobile phones in these regions and the uniqueness of a fingerprint, SimPrints is developing mobile phone software and a hand-held scanner that frees biometric identification from computers, helping link patients to their medical records anytime, anywhere.

DNA Digest (Jelena Aleksic, Fiona Nielsen)

DNAdigest was founded as a charity for promoting and enabling better and easier sharing of genomics data for research. Our first prototype technology platform is based on a patented mechanism for secure querying of sensitive data.

Software Winners

Network Translating (David Greatrex & Anna Bluj)

Network Translating is an attractive communicative online platform that automates quotes, data handling and links UK businesses with a network of specialised technical translators throughout Europe.

Serve (Sebastian Salek & Alex Horkan)

Serve is an integrated software and hardware portal to pre order and collection services at sports venues.

CryptoRaptor (Raphael Scheps & Gideon Farrell)

CryptoRaptor uses advanced algorithmic techniques to identify potential investment opportunities in new financial markets developped in the past few years.

Technology & Life Sciences Runner-ups

Orphidia (Aron Rachamim, Luis Garcia-Gancedo, Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner, David Gordon, Ron Oren)

Point-of-care diagnostics. Tomorrow, instead of going to the hospital to take a test, you will be able to test yourself more accurately than any hospital or lab can today and know without waiting, without delay, without uncertainty both if you need treatment and what treatment is personally the best for you.

Hydrogen Sponge (Enass Abo-Hamed, Jonathon Blackburn, Shin Nikkuni, Pu Zhao, Selina Wang, Luke Sperrin)

We have developed a novel “sponge-like” material that catalytically produces and stores hydrogen gas at room temperature, and on heating releases the hydrogen in a safe and on-demand manner. The material is recyclable numerous times; furthermore, the gas release temperature can be modulated, giving the flexibility needed to suit various applications in different industries.

Social Enterprise Runner-ups

Nusa Terang (Jason Hardjosoekatmo, Eumir Bethbeder)

Nusa Terang will deliver cooperative-owned and operated, renewable energy solutions to rural villages while putting electricity to productive use with.

Silver Oak (Andrew Bertolina)

SilverOak is a crowdfunding lending platform that allows individuals to lend capital to small to medium size enterprises in the emerging markets at a market-based rate of return.

Software Runner-ups

TravelFit (Stephen Upton)

I believe there is an opportunity via a mobile app, to match up 3-4star hotels with high business traveller populations, together with local gyms, who would be able to supplement and avoid abuse of their desired contract-period business model, through selling single use visits through the app.

SEQure (Agnieszka Wabik, Claudia-Gabriela Mitrofan, Jelena Aleksic, Martyna Popis, Rodrigo Santos)

SEQure aims to create a database of currently diagnosable genetic rare diseases and an analysis pipeline for analysing sequencing data directly, allowing fast patient diagnosis from a blood sample only.

£1k Challenge

The competition is now open! Submit your idea to our judges until January 20th to:

Our second sub competition is for you to develop your business opportunity and write an executive summary of no more than 1500 words. The £1k prizes are awarded to well-presented propositions that show clear market potential and competitive advantages. You will need to clearly identify and quantify your market niche. To help you do this we have the £1K training event, organized in November, which is free to attend for all members. There, you can learn about the judging criteria and have opportunities to ask specific questions in one-to-one surgery sessions with business mentors. You may also request for a professional mentor to be attached to your team and guide you as you develop your idea. Up to 10 cash prizes of £1k each will be awarded and winners and runners-up get free entry to the £5k competition.

Congratulations to our £100 winners!

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Sam Chaudhary (ClassDojo), Andrew Thompson (Proteus Digital) and Stanley Yang (Neurosky) handed over winning prizes to outstanding business plan ideas in Life Sciences and Technology, Software and Social Entreprise.  And the winners are…

Martyna Popis – Portable DNA sequencer that connects to an online database of rare diseases, allowing fast patient diagnosis from a blood sample only

Tom Mitchell – Fluorescently labelled nano-particles that utilise the particle matrix to transfer fluorescent energy with high-efficiency at near-infrared wavelengths for men diagnosed with localised prostate cancer.

Michael A. Anderson Burley - Using microfluidic hydrogel technology, differentiated human cell types can be assembled into 3D micro-organ systems (e.g. intestinal endothelium, liver). Human micro-organs allow precise environmental control, high-throughput screening, and toxicological relevance.

Allen Lin - VitalScope is a high-quality stethoscope that plugs into smartphones, has cloud-based diagnostic capacities for heart and respiratory problems, and is at least 10-fold cheaper.

Khoon Kheng - A new type of strong (to withstand pressure and shear) and chemical- resistant plastic container for petroleum and compressed natural gas to replace heavy metal containers.

Damon Civin - Biophotovoltaic cells to produce low-powered consumer products, such as Christmas trees powering their own fairy-lights.

Cheryl Brighton - Bio-photovoltiacs system developed by University of Cambridge academics harnesses the energy produced by plants using a conductive soil.

Enass Abo-Hamed - a novel “sponge-like” material that catalytically produces and stores hydrogen gas at room temperature, and on heating releases the hydrogen in a safe and on-demand manner.

Mohammad-reza Golabchi - Our patented nano-pillar covered surface solution inspired by Gecko’s extraordinary adhesive force is capable of efficiently collecting and reducing the density of particulate matter.

Joseph Mambwe - Intelligent home automation device that allows lights in homes to be easily automated without the need for invasive restructuring of the buildings internals.

Jordy Goldstein - A secure global address database for people, organizations, and companies to use when sending mail or parcels.

Joseph Mambwe - ”Stranded!” is a mobile app for commuters who often find themselves in situations where they have missed a connection or their transportation gets cancelled.

Regina Hung -  A sensor connected to shower water supply to detect the amount of water used by each shower and reduce it when it surpasses certain pre-programmed level.

Joseph Mambwe – A social enterprise that is an online agricultural marketplace that connects African farmers with nearby city consumers.

David Greatrex and Anna Bluj (team) - ‘Network Translating’ is an attractive communicative online platform that automates quotes, data handling and links UK businesses with a network of specialised technical translators throughout Europe.

Jessica Ocampos - Biobanking and traditional cell storage use toxic agents with potential adverse effects in clinical transplant patients.

Robert Hoff – A central consolidated store for topical knowledge development: one’s ‘universe of data’ seen as an adapting, graph-like and organic entity.

Julia Powles – Precision kitchen technology, wirelessly integrating timing, temperature and agitation control for the everyday epicure.


Cambridge Hackathon!! Nov 2013

Cambridge University Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley Comes to the UK teamed up this year to run a 2-day Cambridge Hackathon (Nov 2-3) as part of the national competition organised by Entrepreneur First, the London-based start-up incubator.  The teams’ mission was to create a web or mobile app interface using data that governments have made public to address new challenges.

At the end of a fun, intense weekend of coding, the six teams each presented their fully-functioning app to the judging panel composed of angel investors and entrepreneurs. The winning team, Getaways (a personalized ‘get away’ location discovery app) get to meet the Chancellor of the Exchequer at 10, Downing Street.  Runner-up prizes for Carbon Exchange, a carbon credit trading platform, MyKindaPlace, a neighbourhood match-making platform, and Serenity, an audio-book app, include Raspberry Pi’s and invitation to the SVC2UK dinner on “Big Data”!

Congratulations to all the participants!

Business Weekly:

Grand Launch 2013 October 17th

Find out more about the CUE business creation competition, which awards over £50K of cash and prizes to budding student entrepreneurs; listen to the experiences of outstanding speakers; and network over free wine and food. The Launch will also mark the start of the £100 for 100 words competition, where entrants stand to win £100 for a simple 100 word summary of any business idea!

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  • Alex Van Someren (Managing Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners)
  • Sherry Coutu (former CEO and angel investor who now serves on the boards of companies, charities and universities.)
  • Ivanka Majic (UK Government Digital Service adviser)