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Coventry University Entrepreneurs (CUE) run one of the most successful business creation competitions in the world. Since 1999 CUE has evolved to being a key part of the University's ecosystem for supporting and accelerating entrepreneurship and innovation.


CUE Business plan training

Last week’s business plan training session slides delivered by Peter Hiscocks are now available here.

  • CUE Business plan training

    Last week’s business plan training session slides delivered by Peter Hiscocks are now available here.

  • Congratulations to the CUE £1K winners 2014-2015!

    Congratulations to our winners and finalists (runner-ups) for the £1K competition! Read on for a brief outline of the best ideas. You can check the public summaries here. In no particular order…   Technology & Life Sciences Winners   Coventry Cardiology (Paul De Sciscio, Jacob Brubert, Ingrid Wong, Romilde Kotze) A minimally invasive alternative to […]

  • CUE £1K Competition Awards Ceremony

    CUE’s £1K Award Ceremony promises a banquet of exhilarating business ideas, including pitches from entrants of the £1K competition. Up to 10 £1K prizes will be given out during the evening – join us to find out who’s won! With Dr Hermann Hauser CBE, Professor Christoph Loch and Sam Loose among our keynote speakers, this […]

  • CUE YEOTY workshop 1&2 materials

    You can find all the materials used in the first two Young Entrepreneur of the Year workshops at, courtesy of Dr. Darrin M Disley. Don’t forget to submit the completed exercises for workshop 2 (please see workshop materials for full details) prior to Sunday, March 1st.

Upcoming events

May 2015

CUE £5K competition judging meeting (Science & Technology)
CUE £5K competition judging meeting (Social Enterprise)
CUE £5K competition judging meeting (Software)
CUE Grand Finale

June 2015

July 2015

Ideas Take Flight

Ever had an idea that you thought could turn into a cool business, but wondered how?  Looking at other successful start-ups, have you ever  wondered "How do they do it?"  The fact is that most successful entrepreneurs have, at some point or other, had a helping hand. With CUE's annual Ideas Take Flight competition, we can help turn your idea into commercial reality. The competition is open to entrants in three areas: Science and Technology, Social Enterprise and Software (click here for full rules and conditions). Although each area is run in three phases, you can enter any one or more at any stage before the respective closing date:

£100 for 100 words

"Write 100 words and convince our judges that your idea has legs"

Your entry can be in any of the three areas described above. Simply write 100 words describing your idea and enter for a chance to win one of twenty £100 prizes. At this stage the requirements are the same for each area.

Entering at this early stage will give you ample time to discuss your ideas and to access training and mentoring opportunities offered by CUE.

Submission form: deadline has passed.

£1k competition

"Write a 1500 word executive summary to show your idea has wings"

Write a 1500 word executive summary of your idea for a chance to win one of ten £1k prizes before the final stage of the competition. At this stage the requirements are the same for all areas.

If you do not win this or the previous phase, you still can enter the final phase of the competition.

Submission form: deadline has passed.

£5k competition

"Convince judges and investors that your idea can fly!"

In the case of Science and Technology or Social Enterprise you will be required to produce a 3500 word business plan. In the case of Software you will need to present slides, a demonstration video and a 2000 word business plan.

If you are successful at this stage, you will be invited to pitch your idea to a panel of investors and business angels for a chance to win one of the £5k prizes, the angel prize as well as potential investment in your business.

Submission form: submit your business plan here before midnight, April 10th 2015.

Get involved

  • Enter the competition

    Enter the competition

  • Receive training, mentoring and/or sponsorship

    Receive training, mentoring and/or sponsorship

  • Join the committee

    Join the committee

  • Attend events

    Attend events

  • Network and find like-minded people

    Network and find like-minded people

The CUE Organisation

  • Akshay Sarma – Business School Relations Director
  • Tania Villares Balsa – Business School Relations Director
  • Luana Fagarasan – President
  • Yifei Yu – Associate Marketing Director
  • Peyman Gifani – Science & Technology Director
  • Wanchen Liu – Associate Sponsorship Director
  • Emerson Csorba – Marketing & Sponsorship Director
  • Alex Kouptsov – Treasurer
  • Milad Mehrabanifard – Undergraduate Relations Director
  • Douwe Kiela – Vice President
  • Krste Pangovski – Software Director
  • Amy Shang – Silicon Valley Initiative Director

Committee Members

The CUE committee makes sure that everything runs smoothly. We organise events, run CUE’s day-to-day operations and make sure that your competition entries get to judges.



As an investor, there are various ways you can support CUE.

  • Attend the networking and other events to give budding entrepreneurs the chance to talk to and interact with seasoned veterans
  • Become a Judge for our flagship Ideas Take Flight event
  • Invest directly in CUE to support us in growing the ecosystem

Needless to say, by becoming involved you will:

  • Gain access to a growing body of early stage entrepreneurs and peers
  • Grow your presence amongst the next generation of business leaders
  • Be exposed to early stage technologies
  • Gain an early “in” on investment opportunities

To discuss how you would like to be involved, please contact the CUE President.