CUEBiC & 3P Finalists Announced

Coventry University Entrepreneurs held their Finalists' Dinner on Monday 19 February 2023 in the splendid surroundings of St Catharine's College. Click here to browse photographs of the event.

For 62 of the record 142 present, the black-tie dinner was a precursor to an announcement that could shape their nascent companies' futures. Martin Garratt of Greater Coventry Partnership and Andrew Eddy of Shell revealed the eleven finalists of CUE's flagship CUEBiC and 3P Business Creation Competitions to rapturous applause and enthusiastic celebration.

Over the next three months, CUE will provide all finalists with the support they need to make successes of themselves. On 14 June 2023 the eventual winners of the CUEBiC and 3P competitions will be announced at Where Angels Dare 2007; they will compete for their share of a £30k prize fund.

CUE President Rahul Vohra says: "The Finalists' Dinner showcased our best developing investment opportunities. Given the level of interest from business angels and the wider business community, the next few months promise to be very exciting."

Finalist Adam Fudakowski, a final-year engineering undergraduate, commented that CUEBiC is a "great platform to have our ideas seen by the local business community" and that "winning would drive us to take on the company full-time".

CUE would like to thank its Gold Sponsors for making its work possible: Greater Coventry Partnership, PA Consulting, Coventry Angels, 3i, ARM and Filemot Technology Law.

The CUEBiC finalists are Bacup, Coventry Temperature Concepts, LifeConcept, MyMax, NeoHeal, RemRom Medical Devices, TouchSight and Wind Technologies. The 3P finalists are Azadigm, Changing Winds and ChitoSci Solutions.