CUE Triumphs In International Business Plan Competition

Five teams of entrepreneurs from around the world competed for cash prizes, international exposure and venture funding in the Next Generation Entrepreneur Forum (NGEF) Business Plan Competition.

The teams had ten minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of internationally recognised entrepreneurs, followed by five minutes of intense Q&A from the panel and the assembled conference of two hundred.

The University of Coventry won first place with the grand prize of €1,000 going to Coventry student venture TouchSight.

“I am delighted that the overall winner, TouchSight, is from Coventry,” commented Rahul Vohra, President of Coventry University Entrepreneurs. “Building on their success in the Coventry University Entrepreneurs £1k Business Ideas Competition and the Varsity Pitch, TouchSight have emerged victorious over teams from Monte Carlo, Michigan, Brussels and California. TouchSight will bring real change to millions of blind and visually impaired people across the world.”

TouchSight have developed a unique mobility aid for the blind and visually impaired. The glove-based system, called the TouchSight Vision Mitt, enables the user to ‘sense’ their surroundings using ultrasonic sensors and vibration feedback actuators, providing a low cost alternative or supplement to guide dogs or white sticks.

Pete Davies of TouchSight commented: “We have learnt a huge amount about entrepreneurship and have met amazing people from around the world with similar interests and great connections. We have come across several opportunities to help us take our business to the next stage. We are now taking steps to build more prototypes and bring the product to market.”

The Gold Sponsors of Coventry University Entrepreneurs are the Greater Coventry Partnership, PA Consulting, the Coventry Angels, 3i, ARM and Filemot Technology Law.