HUNGRY? Internet start-up seeks those with a taste for success

While there many food-related websites online, FoodClever has a powerful ‘secret’ ingredient that sets it apart from its competitors.  Described as a "genius idea", FoodClever has been selected to participate in the G2i Programme, which is a highly successful investment readiness programme.  

FoodClever is looking for two key team members:

(1) A top notch web developer/programmer who is innovative, talented and able to build a highly intelligent website.  Project management skills would also be advantageous.

(2) An experienced, skilled entrepeneur with personality to develop the business, as well as represent FoodClever in the G2i Programme and get the business investment ready for 2009.

We are looking for "A" players. The rogue dreamers that make things happen and can contribute to FoodClever's success, as joining the team means gaining a piece of the pie!

If you are interested, please send an email and your CV/portfolio to or give her a ring on 07773 951041.