AI Speech

AI.Speech is a high-tech start-up focusing on state-of-the-art speech recognition and analysis technology to offer innovative spoken language learning/training applications. Driven by globalization and China's fast growing influence, interests in the Chinese Mandarin language have grown into a big market growing at unprecedented rates. However, needs for effective and efficient spoken Chinese learning/training solutions remain largely unmet. AI.Speech offers customizable intelligent interactive spoken Chinese language software system for educational institutions, publishers and developers with Chinese program, as well as PC software for individual learners. Compared to existing services/products in the market, AI.Speech sets a new standard for interaction, assessment, tone, instructions, cost and availability via technological leadership. AI.Speech will form an IPR strategy and build on development team in China to achieve sustainable edge. AI.Speech will diversify into areas such as other spoken language market, hardware, etc. to best exploit the technology and deliver values for both industry and consumers.

Yuandong Lin
Kai Yu
Shixing Gao