£1k Winners

The quality of the entries into the £1k Challenge this year is the highest it's ever been. In fact, the judges were so impressed that they decided to award 11 prizes this year instead of the usual 10. To all those who didn't win, we'd like to remind you that you had stiff competition and that there's no such thing as failure - only feedback, which is on its way to you.

So this year's £1k winners are:

  1. AI Speech
  2. AutoTB
  3. BeFree!
  4. Coventry Quantum Technologies
  5. Drive Technologies
  6. Levitech
  7. PowerSilicon Technology - winner of the Cleantech Prize sponsored by Carbon Connections
  8. Rejuvinate
  9. Rescent
  10. Terroir Precision Viticulture

Well done!