Welcome to Coventry University Entrepreneurs

What is Coventry University Entrepreneurs?
Coventry University Entrepreneurs (CUE) is a student run society founded in 1999 in order to develop and encourage entrepreneurship amongst students by means of its highly successful business plan competition and training programme. During the first two years, CUE has Training open to all
CUE's main emphasis is on providing students with the key skills and resources they require to realise their ideas and have confidence in their ability to develop them into a reality. As a result, our focus is on providing an intensive and exciting timetable of training and networking events during the Michaelmas term which are open to all.

The competitions
The Michaelmas training programme is followed by the opportunitiy for students to enter their ideas and business plans into one of our competitions, the 1K competition or the 50K competition. This year promises to be even more exciting with a higher level of contact with entrepreneurs and professionals in the Coventry region, an increased training programme and a prize fund of more than 50K.

Sponsors and supporters
Developing highly successful relationships with sponsors and the local business community in general has been crucial in the establishment of CUE's highly acclaimed training programme and business plan competitions.