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Other Competitions
Business Plan Competitions have sprung up around the world, especially in the last two years. There are a wide spectrum of aims and types of organisations, but they come from two main camps: universities (especially business schools) and private organisations serving a community, sometimes as large as several countries. Some are extremely
  • MIT was probably the first, starting in 1990
  • Moot Corp Asia is an extremely large competition!
  • Stanford University is organising a Global "Olympics" of competitions which CUE's 30k winners attended last year.

CUE is pleased to have forged relationships with many of the competitions
for fostering idea exchange. We encourage all CUE participants to browse
the other competitions websites, use the many fine resources and make
international contacts.

University based competitions:
- MIT $50k Entrepreneurship Competition:
- Stanford e-challenge:

- BBSRC Business Plan Competition:
- University of Bologna Business Plan Competition:

- Tsinghua University, Beijing:
- Asian Moot Corp:

- Melbourne University Entrepreneurs Challenge:

Regionally-based competitions:
Munich Business Plan Competition:
Stanford Global e-challenge:
North Bavarian Business Plan Competition:
The Great New Zealand Business Venture:
(superbly written resources)