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Executive Summary

    Roughly 2-4 sides of A4, with a maximum of 2000 words (but 1000 may be more appropriate). Writing style is semi-formal, persuasive, backed-up with hard facts. Note this is just a 'summary' of a more substantial Business Plan which is next term's work for all finalists.
More advice on Executive Summaries

Content and Layout:

As a suggestion, you may wish to organize your Executive Summary under the following headings, although there is no requirement that you do so.

    Punchy paragraph summing up key points of what the product/opportunity is, what investment is needed and what returns are likely to be.

    Demonstrate the team has the relevant skills to grow the business.

The Idea
    Very brief overview of the key features and differences of the product/service. Avoid discussing the exact operation which may unnecessarily divulge patentable or secretive information which is not necessary anyway. Very important to mention the defensibility of the idea - e.g. is it patentable?

Market Analysis
    A clear market need is demonstrated. Figures of market size usually shown (reference the appropriate reports / analyst quotes). Who are the major competitors and what are the substitute products?

    Market strategy for gaining the market share predicted. How are you going to maintain a lead in the face of competition? Also mentioning perhaps brand/positioning/promotion and partnerships with suppliers and distributers which are in the pipeline.

    Back-of-envelope break-even analysis with estimates of how much you need to sell and an understanding of the sensitivities to particular assumptions. e.g. using the market data and strategy, estimates of revenue and costs over 3-7 years could be tabulated. Back it up with reasonable assumptions. Show profit and cashflow. Include brief explanation of strategy to raise appropriate finance (if necessary).

    Submission of 50K Entry - 2000

    • Entry Submission
    • Five top ways to LOSE the 50k
    • Announcement of the Winners
    • Competition Rules
    • Mandatory Coversheet

      Entry submission

      9am - 5pm on 22nd November 2000 (or earlier by arrangement with David Read
      Coventry Entrepreneurship Centre, 4a Trumpington St (above Martins and opposite the Engineering Dept) - go upstairs and get a receipt for it.
      10 copies of Executive Summary. Each must have the standard CUE coversheet (online) attached on top. The 'Public summary' is a pitch for the company that will be used by CUE in publicity for members so will not remain confidential, but use it to attract attention in the style of these examples:

      Five top ways to lose the 50k
        1. Not getting a decent team with all the necessary skills
        2. Missing the deadline - this was a big problem last year so budget several hours to print it off!!
        3. Writing too much - 1000 words of persuasive, concise writing could do the trick better than 2000 word which ramble.
        4. Booking up something else for the Intensive Training on the 4-5th December 2000.
        5. Not reading the this guide fully and missing the hints and tips.

        Announcement of the winners
        Winners will be announced at the Garretts Qualifying Dinner - this is a very special Black Tie event on Friday 1st December at 7.30pm in the University Centre. All CUE members are invited as are sponsors and judges and the cost to you is just ten pounds. Bring your cheques to 50k events or directly to David Howey, Queens' College by 18th November at the latest to book your place and hear the results.

        And if you are announced as a finalist? The final round is the competition for a share of the 50k for which you will write a full business plan of up to 30 pages. This requires commitment to the Intensive Training for all the team, all expenses paid residential at the Wyboston Lakes Training Centre on the 4th and 5th December - the Monday and Tuesday in the following week. So make sure you are free then!!!

        Competition Rules
          1. Plans and principal ideas must be original to the CUE members.
          2. The business must not be already incorporated.
          3. All team members must be members of CUE (paid-up and have signed NDAs).
          4. At least one team member must be a member of Coventry University.
          5. CUE reserves the right of entry to all competitions.


          Coventry University Entrepreneurs

          Entry for the
          Coventry 50k Entrepreneurship Competition 2000/2001

          Executive Summary

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