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Final 50K competition winners 2000/2001

1st Prize: 15,000 Generics Business Creation Prize
Weather Informatics

Emily Shuckburgh, Pierre Lafourcade, Warwick Norton, Alan O'Neill, Rowan Sutton
Weather Informatics provides bespoke forecast products, based on our proprietary WRISTTM package, to enable weather-sensitive businesses to greatly improve their management of weather-related risks. Some 70% of all businesses, and as much as $1000bn of the U.S. economy alone, are significantly exposed to such risks. New financial products, "weather derivatives", can be used by exposed businesses to manage their risks. Over 4000 weather derivative contracts have been taken out thus far, with over $10bn in notional risk transferred. The customer-specific products provided by Weather Informatics will give forecasts for use in the pricing of weather derivatives and will offer significant competitive advantage to our customers.

2nd Prize: 12,500 Amanda Staveley Group Prize

Sasidhar Chodagam, Anuj Madhok, Shiladitya Sengupta
Angiomics is a start-up biopharmaceutical company with the mission of discovering drugs from medicinal plants. The focus will be on accelerating wound healing. At present, the $5 billion global wound care market consists mainly of products that, at best, only create environments conducive to healing. The future of the wound care market lies in the promise of products that go beyond facilitative wound repair and actively accelerate the healing process. Angiomics already possesses a patent-protected technology that accelerates a key step in wound healing. Founded by three PhD students at Coventry University, Angiomics is determined to stay in the lead by employing cutting-edge technologies in the drug discovery process.

3rd Prize: 10,000 McKinsey & Co Prize
Zap Wireless Technologies

Ms. Lily K. Cheng, Dr. George Georghiou,, Mr. James W. Hay
Imagine a world of wireless power! Zap Wireless Technologies is developing a range of products (ZapPadTM, ZapCellTM, ZapDevicesTM, ZapSystemsTM) to replace disposable batteries and power cables in mobile phones, laptops and a range of other consumer and industrial applications. No disposable batteries, no wires, just ZAP! Founded by a team of three with outstanding expertise in wireless technologies, business and product innovation, Zap Wireless Technologies has built a prototype and is seeking first-round funding to support further R&D activities.

4th Prize: 7,500 Arthur Andersen Prize
Tritech Systems

Andy Santoso, Walt Yao
Tritech will leverage productivity from average users to business users by seamlessly integrating mobile communications with the computing world. This is done by providing a Platform for Ubiquitous Mobile Applications (PUMA) to support customized applications tailored towards different devices ranging from embedded devices to sophisticated devices supporting connectivity.

5th Prize: 5,000 ARM Prize
Future Vision

Shahab Khokhar, George Hong, Anna Sembos, Akilesh Eswaran
Future Vision will help companies protect themselves against weather-related risks using weather derivatives. The weather derivatives market is an $8 billion market and it has shown explosive growth over the last three years, especially in the US. Next year it is expected to double this growth in Europe. Future Vision will meet its clients' requirements for weather risk management by delivering advanced software solutions and by providing value-added professional services. Given the constantly changing environment, Future Vision will continue looking after its clients' needs by developing new products.

Other 50k Finalists

Mr. Joe Lam, Mr. Berton Lee, Miss Melody Ma, Mr. James Monaghan
Aisper is an entertainment provider aiming to bridge the gap between the media and the consumer market. The company plans to develop and deploy a versatile platform for the delivery of broadband entertainment services through a pervasive network of terminals located in public places such as bars and pubs.

Mark Grant
Computer chips are getting hotter, Intel estimates the power dissipation of the 2010 chip to be about the same as a rocket nozzle. Chipstack aims to provide smaller and better thermal management solutions for the electronics industry to facilitate this increase in power.

Kesare Technology
Mantsika Matooane, Richard Clarke
Kesare provides short range peer-to-peer text messaging within subsidized locations, to widen the rapidly growing use of SMS messaging systems. We sell a location based service to retailers and other organizations. The participating retailers are then able to attract customers with an advanced short messaging system for customers in their premises, at a subsidized cost per message. As the youth have embrace SMS messaging, it is clearly a growing market with a potential 30 million users in the UK alone. The advanced facilities in our technology include group chat, and real time response. Consumers gain fast, efficient service at reduced price.

Alastair Ingall, Andrew Veitch, Chris Baker
OneFit has the potential to realise 2.25m profit over 3 years in the international leisure industry. The opportunity removes some of the frustrations suffered by the fitness club members. The product is unique and defensible. The opportunity exists to expand scope and product range into a growing market of gym users around the world. The team is diverse, ambitious and highly committed to the success of the company.

Juergen Harter, Ian Baxendale, Adam Martin, Richard Ehlers, David Read
TroniQx will revolutionise the chemistry laboratory by providing fully integrated digital systems for information flow management. Through strategic alliances and a strong development, TroniQx will develop the complete information management solution. TroniQx will concentrate on perfecting yet fundamentally changing the way scientists work in laboratories, leading to a paradigm shift where information gets actively pushed towards you in a smart working environment.