Prize-giving this Friday

The annual prize-giving ceremony will be held Friday 9th May. As well as the announcement of winners to this year's 50K and 1K competitions, the evening will include a speech by Hermann Hauser. An evening not to be missed!

CU Entrepreneurs - Something For Everyone

Just interested in knowing more about entrepreneurship?
Donít want to start a company right now, but interested in having more options in the future?
Want to add to your skills?
Want to network with exciting people?
Want to meet interesting characters?
Want to go to some of the biggest and best social and networking events in the Coventry calendar?

Whatever your situation, we have something for you in the 2002/2003 lineup:


ďStories From My StartupĒ: Famous entrepreneurs share their stories and experiences with you.

Innovation Visits: See a live startup and experience the raw excitement.

Socials: We bring you some of the most happening social events in Coventry. Entrepreneurs can have fun too!

Ideas Exchange: Your chance to form a team, join one, or just listen to other peoplesí ideas.

Website: Keep up-to-date with events, offers and opportunities or find teams to join for the competition.

Others: Many other entrepreneurial opportunities and offers in conjunction with other groups. For example:


Donít think itís for you?     Studying the wrong subject?

There is no wrong subject. Everyone can gain something, and everyone has something to offer. The best and most successful teams have members from different backgrounds and disciplines. The staunchest sceptics have been turned into the most successful entrepreneurs. From Chemistry to Theology, Christís to Trinity, this could be for you.

Real Alchemists Boot Camp

Bring out the Entrepreneur in you at the University of Coventry!
Be inspired at the Real Alchemist Boot Camp, where you will learn more about the Entrepreneur inside you and be introduced to the skills you will require to transform your idea into a business venture.

The Boot Camp is an intensive two day course from 31st March - 1st April 2003, run by the University of Coventry Entrepreneurship Centre. For more information e-mail or visit the web site