What is new for 2002


CU Entrepreneurs diverse programme of events has something to offer anyone with an interest in Entrepreneurship. This year’s programme combines many of your old favorites with an enhanced training and networking programme and the opportunity to visit real life startups.
This year’s programme also includes many social events with an entrepreneurial theme to them so come along and enjoy yourself. Above all we are here to have fun and to promote the idea that yes it could be you.
If you are interested in starting your own company or have any good business ideas please consider participating in one of our competitions, more details can be found on this web site.
Enterprise Tuesdays
This year CU Entrepreneurs has teamed up with the CEC (Coventry Entrepreneurship Center) to bring you Enterprise Tuesdays. Enterprise Tuesdays combine high quality B3 training sessions run by our training partners, the CEC, with the opportunity to discuss, network and socialise.
Many of your favourite events will also feature in this year’s schedule, including “War Stories” (an opportunity to hear the ups and downs of a startup), “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” (a chance to test your pitch out on your friends). Click here for more.
Innovation visits
Ever wondered what it is really like to work in a startup?  Join us on a visit to a local company to find out first hand.  Click here for more.
Most of our events take place Thursday evening at Robinson College but please check beforehand.