28th March 2017

CUE Success - Where are they now?

Converge Software Winner 2015

aving completed their respective master’s degrees in Theoretical Physics and Natural Sciences at Cambridge, Raphael and Gideon joined Entrepreneur First, Europe's leading pre-seed investment programme for technical founders. There they further developed Converge. Converge builds the next generation of wireless and cloud-based technologies to monitor sensors in real-time. The team are on a mission to make wireless sensor networks ubiquitous in the world's most important industries.






Amberbox Technology Winner 2015 (formerly Sinclair Fire)

Having won the Technology Prize at CUE, Sinclair Fire went to go join the YCombinator over the other side of the pond. At YCombinator, Sinclair Fire pivoted from producing detectors which use patented algorithms to monitor infrared levels in your home, to detectors which utilise a patented gunshot detection algorithms to respond immediately following a firearm discharge. The newly named AmberBox team aims to save lives and reduce the number of people needlessly killed by gun violence in America. Amberbox raised $120,000 in a seed round in 2016 and have offices in San Francisco and London.






Waterscope Social Enterprise Winner 2015


Alexander, Nalin, Richard and Tianheng are a unique team of biologists, physicists and material scientists, who were brought together at Cambridge by a passion to empower the bottom billion to secure clean water. Leveraging off their success at CUE they went on to found Waterscope. Waterscope have developed a fast and inexpensive water testing kit that quantifies bacterial contamination within 1-2 hours – ten times quicker than current technology. Consequently, empowering communities to combat water inequality with a fast, inexpensive and simple water testing kit. Waterscope have built up an impressive list of partners including Oxfam and the Centre for Global Equality. Richard was been selected for the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Science and Healthcare list.




by Julia Robertson

CUE Committee 2016-2017