24th November 2017

CUE £100 for 100 Words: Winners Announced


THE SCORES FOR THE 100 WORDS COMPETITION ARE IN! In alphabetical order, the winners are:

Phillipp Braeuninger-Weimer, with a nanomaterial sensor that measures carryover contamination in batch processes in the food industry.

Michael Coto, with a low-cost water-purifying photocatalyst for rural communities.

Christian Hoecker, with a CUED-developed patent-pending Li-Ion battery technology.

Tom Hudson, with an application of radar technology for remotely monitoring groundwater depth.

Jez Lim Marson with ‘RenoSure’ - a sensor which fits into a patient’s vein and measures kidney function wirelessly.

Patrik Milohanic with ‘Streetcast’ - an app for street performers to interact with audiences worldwide over the internet.

Katarzyna Sokol with inorganic, reversible thermochromic pigments for home appliances and industrial machinery.

L Wallace, with biotattoos for identifying livestock requiring antibiotics.

Maria Teresa Perez Zaballos with an accelerometer-enhanced vestibular implant to treat vertigo.

Maria Teresa Perez Zaballos et al with ‘MyCornea’ - a biofabricated corneal transplant.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Competition was fierce this year with 271 entries.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of the winners and runner-ups fleshed out in our £2000 competition, where you’ll have the chance to really show what you can do.

(If you've won a prize, we'll contact you via the email you used in your submission to confirm.)