CU Entrepreneurs £1K Business Idea Submission

The submission may be made online or in paper. Entry Fee A cheque should be included to the value of £10 per team per entry . (e.g. 2 entries = £20). The cheque should be payable to Coventry University Entrepreneurs and be sent to the following address. Payments are valid only for competitions in 2004 and are not transferable to future CU Entrepreneurs competition.

UMS address:

Shirley Jamieson
16 Mill Lane (2nd floor)
Tel: 01223 333543

Note that people who have been qualified for the £50K business plan competition may also submit a £1K Competition entry as long as their business idea is completely different.

The executive summaries of £50K business plan competitions that have not been qualified have to be RESUBMITTED for the £1K Competition. This entry is free.

And finally all members of a £50K team (regardless if the team has been qualified) get a complementary entry into the £1K.

Paper Submission:

Paper submission must be made in full, in person by 5pm on 15 th March 2004 at the address below. Aim to arrive before 4:59pm . Entry documents :


Copies required for paper submission

Online option

Business summary

10 per entry


Entry form

10 per entry


Entry form receipt

2 per entry





Non-Disclosure Agreement




1 (total for all entries)



Online Submission:

1- The deadline for online submission is 11:59pm on Monday 15th March 2004 .

2- You have to submit your executive summary plus £1K Entry form  via email. Just click here to send your files. Note that the total size of your files have to not exceed 1Mb .

3- You have to send the NDA form signed by all of your team members to the above address. The form can be found from the £1K Handbok .