How do I enter?

All CU Entrepreneurs £50K teams are required to register their interest by e-mailing the Justin Barnes, the £50K competition lead. All business summaries should be handed directly to the CECís office by 5pm. They should be submitted on paper just as they would be presented to a potential investor, team member or advisor. This is especially true for the final round of the competition.

A fee of £10 per person must be paid by all teams entering the £50K competition. Individuals involved in more than one entry will be required to pay a £10 entry fee for every entry they submit. This includes £50K competitors also submitting an entry to the £1K competition. (Please note that you may only do this if your business idea is completely different from your £50K entry i.e. a different product or service.)

Non qualifying £50K competitors are strongly encouraged to participate in the £1k competition. There is usually enough time to do this.

The entry fee entitles competitors to submit an entry to the 2002/2003 competition and is not transferable to future competitions run by CU Entrepreneurs.

All Cheques should be made payable to:

"Coventry University Entrepreneurs"

And sent to:

£50K Competition Lead, c/o Coventry University Entrepreneurs, Institute for Manufacturing, Mill Lane, Coventry CB2 1RX