1K Q&A;

Q1 What is the 1K Competition ?

A The 1K Competition is a yearly business plan competition organised by CU Entrepreneurs to encourage entrepreneurship and business idea generation amongst all members of the University of Coventry.

Q2 What is required from the 1K Competition participants ?

A The participants are required to submit a short business plan (2 Sides of A4 max) before the 17th of March 2003 to promote their original idea. Judging takes place by a team of independent Judges (not affiliated in any way to CU Entrepreneurs) and all of them will have signed a non disclosure agreement.

Q3 What should I include in my business plan ?

A This is the 1,000 question. It is up to you to come up with original ideas that have great business potential. The B3 events, the 1K help session ("Special 1K") and our other events should hopefully help you complete this task.

Q4 How about the registration process and the deadlines for the 1K Competition?

A You must be a member of CU Entrepreneurs (membership is free) to participate in the competition. Registration for this competition is not required but please join our 1K e-mailing list by sending an e-mail to 1K@cue.org.uk with subject: JOIN LIST
Your final business plan should be delivered (in person) before the 5pm Monday 17th March 2003 to:
CU Entrepreneurs desk
16 Mill Lane (2nd Floor)

Q5 Who Can participate in the 1K Competition?

A The 1K competition is open to all members of the University of Coventry, this includes Undergraduates, Graduates, Post-Doc, Academic Staff, etc.

Q6 What about people involved with the 50K and how about entry fees?

A People that have qualified for the 50K business plan competition (see notes on 50K) may also submit a 1K Competition entry as long as their business idea is completely different.

The executive summaries of 50K business plan competitions that have not qualified will be automatically considered for the 1K Competition. This entry is free.

And finally all members of a 50K team (regardless if the team has qualified) get a complementary entry into the 1K.

Q7 How much does it cost ?

A Membership of CU Entrepreneurs society is free, and you can join by email: With the following details:

There is a 10 entry fee for the 1K competition per team.

Cheques Should be made payable to: "Coventry University Entrepreneurs" and handed in with your business plan.

Q8 How many team members do I require to participate in the 1K Competition ?

A A good team is essential for creating any business and hence a lot of emphasis is placed on team building. Please make use of the numerous social and networking occasions to expand your team.

Q9 Is it for me ?

Yes of coarse, this is a unique opportunity to test your idea, build a team, win money and possibly much more.

Q10 What if I win ?

A Congratulations, your idea has potential. The 1K prize money (1000) will be given to you (or your whole team) at our annual prize giving event (Friday 9th of May 2003). Please consider taking your business idea further. The judges decision is final.