president - PEter Choy

Peter spends most of his time working on entrepreneurial projects with a tight-knit team from Cambridge. In past projects he has made autonomous fixed-wing UAVs, a graphical functional programming environment and an offline phone call transcription app. He has 4 years of experience with deep learning literature and occasionally works as a freelance consultant in this field. In his spare time, he is a fourth-year in Engineering.


Vice President - Josh guha

Josh is a third year undergraduate student studying Economics. He loves the idea of using creativity, ingenuity and technology to solve everyday problems but is yet to have a light-bulb moment for his own business. Josh is keen on expanding his knowledge of different industries and start-ups. He also enjoys solving puzzles and listening to trap music. 

Josh Guha.PNG

Treasurer - Charlie Chen

Charlie is an undergraduate who is currently undertaking his fourth year in mathematics. Outside of mathematics, he is also interested in machine learning, game design and image processing. Charlie has had some software development experience with Cambridge Consultants and various game design projects over the years. Whenever time permits, Charlie also enjoys digital illustration.


Head of events - julia hubo

Julia is in her second year at the University of Cambridge reading Law and is eager to learn key entrepreneurial skills through meeting speakers at CUE events. With her international background, she has come across many start-up entrepreneurs and their vibrant ideas: from the process of selling door frames to starting up loo roll companies. Above all, she is interested in all the aspects of creative enterprise and has started her own projects.

Chris Kneale-Jones.jpg

Chair - Chris Kneale-Jones

Chris is currently reading for an MBA at Judge Business School and is a St. Catharine's College Benavitch scholar. He previously worked in private equity on deal teams and has founded two companies. He has degrees in the sciences from Bristol and Oxford.


Vice Chair- Vivian Li

Vivian is currently an MBA student at Judge Business School. She previously worked as an e-commerce marketer in the consumer product industry and co-founded an independent designer brand in China. She owns a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Environmental Studies from New York University.  

CUE Committee Alumni


President: Zuzanna Brzosko                                                  

Vice-president: Nina Kloss                             

Treasurer: Bang Ming Yong

Speakers Officer: Julia Robertson                                                 

Marketing Director: Tengiz Meskhi                      

IT Director: Josh Guha 


Previous presidents

2015-2016 Flaviu Bulat 

2014-2015 Luana Fagarasan  

2013-2014 Sina Habibi

2012-2013 Nicolas Tan

2011-2012 Jung Zhang and Jun Chen (co-Presidents)

2010-2011 Shen Wei

2009-2010 Daniela Krug

2008-2009 Amir Chaudhry

2007-2008 Cong Cong Bo

2006-2007 Rahul Vohra

2005-2006 Kaifeng Kang

2004-2005 Stewart McTavish

2003-2004 Jasdeep Singh

2002-2003 Seena Rejal

2001-2002 Paul Heffernan

2000-2001 Matt Schofield