CU Entrepreneurs - The History of the Society

Since its foundation in 1999 Coventry University Entrepreneurs has developed into a thriving student society with strong support and financial backing from the local business community.

Entrepreneurs was modelled on the highly successful MIT $50K competition which has generated enormous enthusiasm and led to the creation of over 60 companies with an aggregate value of $10.5 billion.

It is still early days for CU
Entrepreneurs but we have already seen 12 firms created and there are more on the way.



Jun 1999 Team established to set up competition
8 blue-chip sponsors signed-up
Aug 1999 30K Competition Go-ahead - Publicity commenced
Oct 1999 Recruitment and Launch - 600 recruited in 3 days
Training commenced
Jan 2000 1K Competition launched
Mar 2000 Prizes of 15K, 10K, 5K and 1K awarded
Jun 2000 50K Competition Go-ahead
Oct 2000 52 50K Submissions / 50 1K Submissions
Mar 2001 Prizes of 15K, 12.5K, 10K, 7.5k, 5K and 6 x 1K
Apr 2001 Founding team handed over for 2001/2002
 Sep 2001 New events
May 2002 Prizes of 15K, 12.5K, 10K, 7.5K and 5 x 1K
June 2002 Brand new committee and change of name: CU Entrepreneurs
Sep 2002 New sponsors and training now done by CEC